Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 1

IT’S SO CUTE! Perhaps my positive review stems from my like of Yoon Eun Hye (she’s really come a long way since Goong), perhaps not. But one thing is for sure, I actually chuckled out loud at some points. Yes, this drama is ridiculously predictable. Yes, the characters are pretty clique (bubbly girl, OCD chaebol), but hey, sometimes I just want to let my mind go blank and enjoy the funnies! haha.


Yoon Eun Hye plays Ah Jung, a 5th level civil servant. She’s spunky and bubbly. Kang Ji Hwan plays this uptight Chaebol, Hyun Ki Joon, who is detailed, extremely organized, and probably OCD. Then there’s also Sang Hee, his brother, who’s this free spirit that runs around the world, because only he can afford to, enjoying life. But can you believe the actor that plays Sang Hee was born in 1990?! Oh goodness, this is when you know times are changing, when actors in an idol drama are younger than you.

Anyways, here’s a flow chart I ripped off a google search for your viewing:

I really like Yoon Eun Hye. There’s something about actresses with Angelina Jolie lips that makes me smile on the inside. Kang Ji Hwan is not much of a looker in my book, maybe when they give us some fan service later on in the series I’ll change my mind. For now, he just seems like an ahjussi with lots of money. Granted, I’m relieved his character smiles and is sort of spunky, unlike the other OCD chaebols. We actually see him joking. I also really like Ah Jung’s bald father. He’s so funny looking!! (I think that’s the effect they were going for.)


So the story starts out with Hyun Ki Joon terrorizing his hotel staff with his inspection, complete with synchronizing music and lots of eyeballing. I didn’t know hotel presidents had time to do all this, but apparently this one does. His white suit is so spiffy.

Cut to another scene and we see some sort of cultural celebration going on. Ah Jung is the civil servant in charge of this and everything was going according to plan until a swarm of bees ruins everything. Her boss yells at her, she gets upset because this is absolutely not her fault (welcome to the real world my dear), and goes drinking at a bar. (Guess what they were playing at the club? “Like a G6″… now x6 like a slizzard!) At the bar, she meets Mr.1990 Sang Hee, (ugh why is he so young?! I always think of people younger than me as high school kids, are they hot now too?! ) and writes a resignation letter on a napkin. Sang Hee finds her rather amusing, and humors her. We see Ki Joon playing with some toy models, gets a call from his man-secretary, and rushes to catch his brother in the club. He misses his brother, and instead is stuck with Ah Jung fainting and grabbing onto his leg. (AHAHAHA, so predictable, yet so funny.)

She suffered from alcohol poisoning compounded by the toxins from her bee sting. She wakes up in the hospital to see Ki Joon putting a blanket over her because he couldn’t stand seeing that her shirt’s buttons are mismatched. She tries to get his contact to pay him back, but he’s like no need. etc. He goes to his hotel, meets his aunt, who wants him to get married (because being single is a sin in South Korea), and he shows his lighter side by joking with her. =D Cute.

Ah Jung goes home and her father, who is cutting his toenails!!!!, doesn’t seem too concerned about why she was out all night. He’s like, you’re almost 30, I can’t do anything about that. (Psh, even when I turn 30, my dad would’ve scoured the city for me at 1am and then proceed to ground me for not calling home.) Her father is so funny!! (I feel like I’m going to like him in this drama.)

She goes to change her hairstyle so that no one will recognize her now that she’s a national riot because of that bee incident. At the salon, she meets the vixen of a friend who stole her first love. We get a nice cut of how her bitchy friend stole her sunbae. Apparently, Ah Jung was a super gross tomboy (I don’t think Yoon Eun Hye can ever be gross) who tried to pass the civil service exams to impress this sunbae, who’s now the vixen’s husband.

(Her sunbae is sooo fugly… >_> at least pick someone better looking for some competition, sheesh.) 

The vixen tries to rub it in her face, but Ah Jung lies that she’s married. So then, so painful from past memories, Ah Jung couldn’t sleep at night and wails… to which her father’s like… is she going crazy… LOL. I like the father element.

The next day, Ah Jung goes to return the hospital money to Ki Joon, and as spoiled by the previews this drama released earlier this month, we all know she spilled tomato juice on herself, tried to fake fainting, gets carried by Ki Joon to a hotel room, and all that hilarious stuff. (He just DUMPS her on the bed… she runs and goes to pee haha.)

Anyways, that whole set up was so that Ah Jung’s friend sees this and spreads the news to the vixen, and to the rest of Korea apparently.


Yea, I also don’t understand why the president of the hotel has to carry an injured patron into a hotel room. He could’ve had a staff do it. And considering how OCD he is, wasn’t he afraid of getting tomato juice on himself? Loop holes already! I like Ah Jung, she’s not a high school drop out stunt woman like in other dramas. She’s actually some senior affairs officer, which sounds pretty damn good. So we’re somewhat not dealing with intense dichotomy here, even though a Chaebol compared to anything else is already quite a difference. But hey, Ah Jung’s not that weak weeper of a kdrama heroine. She’s spunky, and yea, I would pretend to faint too if something embarrassing like that happens. Hahaha.

However, I have such a problem with the pants Kang Ji Hwan wears. Real Chaebols wear pants that won’t show their socks when they sit… Google Anderson Cooper.

(I don’t care if the socks are black, they don’t show!)

The first episode wasn’t exactly amazing. I guess they had to set everything up, but I really like Yoon Eun Hye in this. I’ll give it a few more tries, I think episode 2 is out… Let me finish this take home final and give ep 2 a go.


2 thoughts on “Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 1

  1. LOL…of all things to stare at on a hot chaebol, and you pick the socks…what a creampuff007 move.

    But anyways, awesome recap! Can’t wait for ep 2 🙂

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