Here comes another new kpop boy band!

I present to you…X-5!!!

Of course, from the name, we already know it is 5 guys (but the X…I still don’t get). X-5’s first single album, titled “XENOS,” contains five tracks that are in the dance/pop/techno genre.

Their debut track – Don’t Put On An Act (쇼하지마) – is a typical kpop song and reminds me of 2pm. The bass, easily memorized chorus, and essential rap in the middle is the formula for a catchy kpop song…and of course, this new group has gotten it right.

I can’t say the same for the mv though. Ah…where do I start? First, the woman looks waaaay too old for these teens who are all angsty about love. Second, I seriously thought that the mv starred one person. They all look the same!! Same hair, same face, same dark yet sexy clothes. And what is up with the special effects?? This is an example of video editing gone horribly wrong. I was perfectly satisfied watching the dark brooding sexy man destroy everything in his house without the weird freeze frames and cheesy CG-ed flower petals clouding the screen.

Now for their actual performance, I have to say that I’m getting more and more surprised by the ultra-sexy (maybe to the point that it’s actually quite vulgar) dance moves. Skip to 1:46 for a sight for the eyes….

The selling point for this group is that they might be the tallest boy group…I say might b/c a new group will probably debut next week with even taller guys…who knows? All the members are over 6ft, and the youngest one is just 16! Dude…what are they feeding these trainees to make them perfect specimens?? We seriously need to get with them and reproduce to make amazing babies.


2 thoughts on “Here comes another new kpop boy band!

  1. Most hilarious post this week!!! Ah hahahaha. I wonder if they’ve compensated something for height… like in Full Metal Alchemist where you give up something for something else… *cough manhood cough*

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