JYP USA Auditions

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahahhaa… I stumbled upon the most hilarious thing ever… an ad for JYP USA Auditions Tour. I think they’ve been having this every year, I was just oblivious to it while I was clawing my way out of organic chemistry.

But the thing that is funny is not the ad, or the whole notion of looking for starlets by “touring,” it’s this picture of JYP thinking he’s still all that. lol. I mean, for a man that’s only 6 years younger than my mother, he’s looking damn good, but haha, still funny.

Anyways, this looks pretty exciting. They recommend that you be born between 1983 and 2001. Check. Any nationality and gender. Double Check. Wow. I think I qualify. I mean, this noona is no match against a fancy 12 year old, but hey hey, why not. Let’s see, can I sing? Not really. Can I dance? Erm… Can I act and model? YOU BETCHA I CAN. I will put my Vagina Monologues skills to use.


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