Rain at TIME 100 Gala

I am a terrible stalker. Despite knowing that Bi Rain is coming to NYC today (actually yesterday), and that he was going to be at the TIME 100 gala, traditionally held at the Time Warner Center, and that it was probably at night, because that’s when all the classy dinners happen… I did not take the 1 train down to Columbus Circle to catch that show.

And now all I can do is gawk at those pictures he posted up on his twitter. >_>

I am actually not impressed with his bow tie get-together there. I’ve seen him dress classier. Now, I’m not saying his tuxedo isn’t working, but I’ve seen him dress much sharper. Maybe it’s the way the picture’s taken, the suit doesn’t look fitted and his pants look crinkly. But hey, if anything, he can just take it all off. #WishfulThinking

AND HE MET STING!! =D Grand ole’ time.


One thought on “Rain at TIME 100 Gala

  1. You are a terrible stalker!! You know how long I googled this event for?? I even posted a question on yahoo answers, asking when the red carpet will start!! lol. He’s prob still in nyc today! Follow him to JFK!

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