Kpop celebrity soccer team beats a bunch of girls (But KHJ is still hot)

Now we all know that soccer is a popular sport in Asia. Even though we’re not as good as Spain and other countries where height dominates, our petite frames are awesome for dodging and weaving between our opponents, not to mention that we travel faster due to less wind resistance. It’s pure physics folks. Like how Pikachu defeated Riachu in that episode of Pokemon because it learned agility and outran its bigger evolutionary form.

So back to soccer and Asia…Korean celebrity soccer team, FC Men, won another match today. Now why would I care about a match, let alone a team? The hot guys! That’s why. Ok, so they beat out a bunch of girls…the Incheon Design High School’s female soccer team to be exact. But who cares??  I mean it would be nice to see them actually go against someone their own size (aka some legit soccer players) and it would be better if they were a bit more of a gentlemen and let the girls at least score a point. But, they’re hot guys!!

I find my obsessive compulsive desire to keep up with every bit of celebrity news to be a bit extreme. Just a bit. I mean I would never spend 3 minutes watching a Youtube vid of guys running and shooting goals, but I would for my beloved Hyun Joong. And without further ado, a pointless and otherwise boring soccer vid:


2 thoughts on “Kpop celebrity soccer team beats a bunch of girls (But KHJ is still hot)

  1. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! BEST. ARTICLE. EVER. A little sad that you still remember so much detail about a pokemon episode.

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