What’s the meaning behind B1A4??

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually starting to like B1A4’s new song, ‘OK’ which was released today. Yes I know I hated on them yesterday and I still do have a small reason to hate on them today, which will be revealed in a moment. But overall, this single is pretty decent. While it has the same concept as all debuting boybands – a happy-go-lucky bubblegum pop image, the song gets catchy after a while. ‘Ok’ has a fast tempo, a nicely autotuned chorus, and of course, the essential rapping bridge performed the typical Korean wannabe rapper who gets all in your face while pretending to be tough. So what makes this song different from the rest?


And that’s my point exactly. I have become so numb to the release of debut singles that while each one sounds exactly like its predecessor released a few days ago, I still have the urge to put the song into my iPod. Basically, if your song fits into the criteria I described before, you are allowed on my iPod. This is a pretty sad music collection, which makes the good songs (aka Big Bang, DBSK, SNSD) stand out so much more.

Back to B1A4….if you can manage to watch the whole mv, you will see that at the end, they reveal the meaning behind the random jumble of letters and numbers that they call their name. B1A4 stands for… are you ready for this???

Blood type B = 1, Blood type A = 4.

That’s right. Their name tells us the group members’ blood types. Now I get the whole Korean trend of judging people based on blood type and I have certainly watched the movies that reinforces this concept. But seriously? Why on earth would I want to know your blood type? Fangirls everywhere are probably researching each member’s personality right now, but what I want to know is do they really have no other ideas to name the group as to just put random information that we just find on Wikipedia???

I am in utter disbelief right now.


2 thoughts on “What’s the meaning behind B1A4??

  1. After melting the hearts of fans with their unique webtoons marketing style, WM Entertainment’s newest boyband, ‘B1A4‘, has finally made their debut on today’s episode of “Music Core“!

    Their unique name is an abbreviation of ‘Be the one, All for one’, and also stands for Baro being type B blood, while Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan being type A.

    (so its not only about their blood types)

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