The World of infinitely-growing DIY Kpop Groups

Remember the era of HOT, GOD, and Shinhwa…and their respective girl counterparts, Finkl, Baby VOX, and SES? There were 6 (ok…maximum 10) kpop groups and following them did not take 23 hours a day. The day this pandora’s box opened marked the end of fangirls’ spare time to read books, do homework, and help out with chores.

The flux of boy and girl groups in S.Korea today is shocking. Where else in the world is there a new act debuting every single day?? Where else can a group call a performance after a week-long hiatus a ‘comeback’?? Where else can fangirls call themselves ridiculous fanclub names (Jaywalkers, ELFs, and A+’s) and wave color-coordinated balloons that differentiate between sky-blue (SHINee) and sapphire blue pearl (Super Junior)?? P.S.  sapphire blue pearl is neither a real color nor a phrase that makes sense.

Some new groups that debuted this week are Block B, A Pink, and B1A4. Notice how they are running out of names, so letters and numbers are being randomized for names (isn’t this how they make license plates?) One thing that I’m amazed at is how Korea keeps supplying these popstar lookalikes. Seriously…after a while, their faces all mash into one. Is there some sort of secret cloning initiative going on? Is there some genetically-altering process that Korean babies go through?

Introducing….B1A4 (not sure what that stands for, nor do I want to find out) I swear I’ve seen these faces before…

And of course, with so many young Koreans being snatched up and contracted into entertainment agencies, producers are now looking to the younger generations to initiate them into so-called stardom being they even finish elementary school. GP Basic (don’t know what that stands for either) has a leader that’s just 14 years old. They are even banned from performing on SBS’s Inkigayo, KBS’s Music Bank and MBC’s Music Core as children under 15 can’t view their programs without parental guidance. Seriously, what’s the point of debuting then?

The girl with the yellow cap is 12!!! That’s right! 12! Shouldn’t she be home watching pokemon?

But I’ve gotta admit, I have unlimited admiration for the Korean system of hard work, blood, and sweat. The endless hours of dance trainings are just fond memories after they debut and gather hoards of screaming fangirls. Idols lived with 20+ other people in a crammed apartment, under stressful conditions and away from their parents. It’s amazing how much persistence these people have. Now if Americans can adapt just 10% of it, I’m sure we can even find the cure for cancer.


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