Kim Tae Hee, Song Seung Hyun in the News

I have to admit, “My Princess” (Kdrama 2011) was not the best drama ever. The story was very much lacking and the script only worked because of Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hyun’s lovable chemistry. I actually did not even watch the whole thing through, I think I skipped episodes 9 to 12. But I adored the interactions between the two leads. I think they should get together in real life. He’s adorable and single and turning old. She’s adorable and single and past 30 (see how I did not say old there?) He’s got six-pack abs like a mountain, and she’s a Korean beauty. They have amazing genetic potential lol… and they’re both together in the news today!!

According to sources on allkpop, Kim Tae Hee is posing for Cosmo and she’s looking great. Apparently their concept is “mature,” though, I think that’s kind of ironic.

Song Seung Hyun just did a commercial for a food brand which advertises a contest of sorts where contestants can win a visit from Song Seung Hyun, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Song Joong Ki to their kitchens.

Look at the wind fly through his hair. Apparently he can cook too… =O (Ms. Kim Tae Hee, this is a sign). Now if he stopped smoking too?! That would be awesome.

You can find the entire commercial here:


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