[Movie] Hello Ghost (2010) Review

This is by far one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Cha Tae Hyun has really outdone himself in terms of movies these past couple of years. Not only was his last blockbuster, “Speedy Scandal,” a hit, it is currently in the talks with Hollywood to make an American adaptation of the story. His latest, “Hello Ghost,” is no less. This movie has the humor that its trailers promised, the admirable message it advertised, and a heartfelt ending that filled my heart with so much warmth, I thought I ate too much kim chi! (I actually do not eat kim chi just because I’m not very fond of cabbage products… I know, as a fan of Korean pop-culture, it’s terrible.)

To maintain the ending and not spoil it for other spectators, I will try to keep this review strictly business. However, if anyone wants me to recap, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll think about it, though I recommend that you watch the movie instead.


Cha Tae Hyun did an amazing job portraying all 4 of the ghosts’ personality types, in addition to his depressed suicidal self. While depression is nothing to make fun of, Cha’s character was still able to inject humor into this telling story to better ease the audience into the subject.

Ko Chang-seok was the chain smoking ghost. LOL. The whole time that he was in the film, I could not help thinking how heavy he must’ve been for Cha to carry. xD.

Little Cheon Bo-Keun was so adorable as the kid ghost. I already saw great potential in him when I watched “Wish Upon a Star,” but in this movie, he also shone.

Lee Moon-Su was also good as grandpa pervert ghost, though I hadn’t thought that he was pivotal to the story until the end.

Lastly, and most importantly, was Jang Yeong-Nam’s crybaby ghost. Her role might not seem like a lot at first, and for the longest time, she really didn’t show up in the movie, but her character is the glue and key to the ending.

Kang Hye Won as the nurse/girlfriend to-be was forgettable, though I think that wasn’t because she cannot act, but because the role could have been played by anyone else.


The story was SPECTACULAR. Oh Goodness, at first, because of terrible subs and me just being terribly confused at what is going on, I thought this movie was making no sense. Why these 4 ghosts? What can the ghosts do and not do? How was each vice suppose to contribute to Cha’s character’s slow understanding of the value of life? These vices were quite random at that. (Smoking, drinking soju, eating candy, and crying?!) However, even with bad subs, the ending was priceless and no words were needed to portray how neatly and heartfelt the writers tied the script together. I mean, if I had understood the subs better, I bet there would have been clues dropped here and there to hint at the ending (and now that I think back, there actually were a couple obvious ones), but I think it was better that I didn’t allowed myself to guess at the ending. Keep an eye out for all those detailed interactions between Cha and the ghosts. Everything relates to everything else.

I don’t want to say more as I’ll ruin it, but it is a must watch. (Remember to watch through the credits at the end, there’s an extra added scene–> So Cute!)

Overall Review

I highly recommend this movie. Its message is clear, and it’s that life is a miracle by itself. While that opening scene with Cha attempting suicide via shoving pills down his throat was morbid, the director’s dark humor of it all really helped the audience gauge at the bigger message. The world is a lonely place, no matter how many billions of others are living here beside you. For those with no family, that pain is amplified, but no matter what, you’re not alone.


P.S. The subs for the movie was bad, yes, but I still want to take this moment to thank the blessed souls out there who take time out of their lives to sub korean films for illiterate people like us.


Those last 5 of the film will be a real tearjerker. It’s still a happy ending, but a real sad realization (for me at least).


One thought on “[Movie] Hello Ghost (2010) Review

  1. omg you watched this too? When I logged on, I was like ‘did I write a blog post about this?’ But yea, I saw it this weekend and man…were those subs bad. LOL so funny that we both watched the same movie the same weekend

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