Big Bang Special Edition Album Review

Ok I know that I hated on all the groups that make a comeback after two weeks and call it a ‘comeback’ but this time it’s different. This is Big Bang. They are allowed to make a comeback every day if they wanted to. Man, I’m really biased (and obsessed with Big Bang). Anyways, Big Bang’s comeback special album was released this week and it contains three new tracks: ‘Love Song’, ‘Stupid Liar’, and Daesung’s ‘Baby Don’t Cry’. These three tracks are great followups to their original album.

First off, when I first heard ‘Love Song’, it gave me of a Aerosmith, Blink-182 type of feel. Sort of punk rock, with some great guitar riffs and long notes that Aerosmith was famous for. It’s definitely a new genre for Big Bang though, not to mention all of S.Korea. And the performance was excellent. Every member had an equal part, and the song is catchy enough for you to bounce along. One thing I noticed though was that Big Bang’s choreography has gone done a couple of notches. Maybe I’ve been exposed to boybands that can do everything from aerobics to ‘beastly’ dancing, but I was not captivated at all by Big Bang’s shrugging shoulder dance. Despite this, Big Bang’s stage presence, voices, and basically everything else makes up for it. And p.s. their outfits in this performance were the most normal I’ve ever seen….well, except for TOP’s flower-adorned cop hat. Overall rating: 4.8/5

‘Stupid Liar’ is also a upbeat song with a really cute (but kinda cheesy) dance. Yes. We know you’re stupid, so you stumble around like you’re drunk. GD’s crazy happy stage presence dominates this song. He is amazing when it comes to boosting up the mood. The song has an upbeat tempo, but is not a club-dance type of song like ‘Tonight’. Instead, the repeating chorus reminds of ‘High High’. 4/5

And last but not least, Daesung’s solo ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ is a mellow song that really does justice to his awesome voice. It has an indie feel and I can totally imagine it in one of those emotional internet drama that has always end ambiguously. 4.5/5



2 thoughts on “Big Bang Special Edition Album Review

  1. lol. I can’t believe you’re giving a 4.8 out of 5. I didn’t know such a rating existed, don’t people usually do out of 0.5’s. And yes, you are obsessed, but I remember back in freshman year, I got so obsessed with them because of TOP…

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