Baker King – Kim Tak Gu [Special] *Must Watch*

Watch here:

My week-long obsession with King of Baking – Kim Tak Gu has come to a beautiful and satisfying ending with the ‘Special’ episode that had a 5-min recap of the whole drama…seriously, I should’ve just watched this first and saved myself all those angsty scenes. Other than the self-promotional recaps, the interviews with the cast were very entertaining, especially with our beloved young Tak Gu, Oh Jae Moo. He looks adorable in his outfit and even though he’s young, was talented and witty enough to not be forgotten in the midst of the famous cast. And lastly, his dance cover of SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’ was as good as SHINee themselves. Man, I can imagine all the record labels chasing him down with their contracts already…

The segment in which the cast picks out the best ‘kiss scene’, ‘angry moment’, etc. was funny and awkward to watch. First of all, the polling buttons that the casts used were sooooo cheesy. They were literally two buttons connected to wires and in a failed attempt to make them look more appealing, the show producers tied some sort of flowers to the handles of the buttons. Seriously??? You build this pretty set and invite the cast of the most popular show to date and you can’t spare a few more bucks to buy some legit polling tools??? Ok…pointless rant over. Anyways, in the best kiss scene awards, both Yoon Si Yoon and Joo Won wanted to win, one for a passionate sad good-bye kiss and another for a surprise kiss. In the end, the cast chose the surprise kiss as the winner, and Eugene wittingly replied that she should receive half the prize no matter who wins.

What I found really awkward was all the sucking up the female actresses did to Jun In Hwa, or our mean mama. She is the oldest female in the cast and of course, everybody wants to get on her good side. But I wouldn’t go as far as to call her the “most beautiful woman in the cast”, as everybody else did. All in all, the special was fun to watch and wrapped up the drama way better than the last episode did. And if you don’t care about the drama at all, you should just watch it for the adorable Oh Jae Moo and his dancing ability. That boy’s a triple threat, and ladies (preferably younger ladies so you won’t be jailed for loving him), you better keep an eye on him because he’s gonna be the next big thing.

Yup. He’s gonna be number 1 someday. (And p.s. how does a kid have better hair than a twenty-something yr. old?)


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