Midas [Ep. 11] Quick Review

Let me start off by saying…for the millionth time…damn do Korean guys know how to dress. Or at least their stylists do anyway. The magical Kdramaland blend of business, chaebols, and some relationship conflict always produces good looking guys in suits. Maybe that’s why I chose business as my major…you get unlimited pickings of guys in suits.

It would be nice if guys really do look like this in real life…












And then there are these guys (yes that’s a guy). The ones that make you wonder what the hell was going on in their mind when they got these bad bad haircuts…such a pretty face gone to waste.

So anyways, back to the story. Our main couple is officially broken up, but nevertheless keep running into each other (because in Kdramaland, you would see your ex every 5 minute and then have a staredown with them buzzing with sexual tension ). And of course, a nice grandmother would be the fairy godmother to patch things up between the two of you.

The lovable halmoni that doesn’t mind her own business and meddles in other peoples’ love lives b/c apparently she’s wise and experienced so everyone listens to her.

Since it’s already ep. 11 out of 16, things are not looking up for our protagonist. His plans have gone horribly awry (OMG! You mean I’ll really get caught for insider trading? What a surprise!) and his ‘trusted’ friends have abandoned him.

Man I wished you succeeded too…as long as you’re rich and we have joint bank accounts, ‘what insider trading???’

I guess from here the ending is pretty predictable. He gets fined or goes to jail, reexamines his life, and realizes that he lost everybody he had when he was so-called “poor.” Our protagonist teaches us that greed is bad, as we learned time and time again since kindergarten. But kdramas have been pretty twisty lately, maybe there’s a surprise in the end for us?


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