King of Baking [Ep 25- End]

So between episodes 19 and 30, I literally fast forwarded the entire show. I have little patience for suspense when things are so in your face already. Besides, Monday was approaching and I have classes. I think if I had watched this series 2 episodes a week, as the kdrama gods had intended, I would have enjoyed it much more. I mean, I would still recommend it, but by the time it hit episode 12, I was agonizing over the fact that there are still 18 episodes left. The latter half was not as smoothly executed as the former half. At some parts, I felt they were just trying to stretch out the story.

The children, I tell ya, the children carried the show. So below, I’ve divided my review of the drama into different categories of success and failures. Agree, disagree?


The beginning of the story was absolutely believable in terms of who what when where and why this drama even occurred. The set up was very good. The whole cultural notion of the superiority of the male sex has undermined the economic and social success of East Asian countries for long enough, and I’m glad this drama is taking somewhat of a stance and proclaiming that perceptions can be obsolete. The characters were pushed and pressured into their roles, and there were so many angles jumbled up in there that I was holding my breathe throughout the first episode. But that whole side story about the power struggles of the sexes almost didn’t show up after episode one. The oldest sister was a side prop, and I felt there was so much of a story there too. (Like instead of that whole pointless story with Eugene’s character, how about we focus on girl power?)

I would so watch a side story about how an ambitious woman fought her way up to the top amidst the tug of war that was happening between her brothers.

So, as you know, I hated Eugene’s character. I had such high hopes for her when her face showed up, and yet the show let me down. I don’t understand the point of her side struggle with In Sook. So the bitchy Madam slaps her a couple of times. What would be the point of making her life miserable? How would that benefit you? Were you not a student activist? It made no sense to me and I curse that my computer is so laggy, else I’d fast forward all her scenes.

The story between the father and Tak Gu’s mother, Kim Mi Sun, and Manager Han and In Sook was spectacular. I wish they had more scenes together. Forbidden love between master and servant. Intense guilt, shame, family. Whenever I see them, I think to myself: If this was not a drama, I hope he divorces his wife and just go to Mi Sun. He obviously does not love his wife, except he is also cornered by image and society rankings. (Old people win!)

I also go beef with the whole Tak Gu leaves and lives on the streets for 12 years starting at age 12. That was so stupid. If you need to fast forward the time, at least come up with something more believable. How can a father not look for his son for 12 years? Twelve fucking years. I think by the end of the first year that Tak Gu was missing, the father should’ve sent a firing squad around Korea. That’s ridiculous. And Mi Sun was already garnering wealth. How can she be so naive to think her son is okay for 12 years. Man. I have so much beef about that damn 12 year leap.

The story of Tak Gu in the bakery…. I’m going to give it a 3/5. That was a waste of 10 episodes. Could’ve done with just 3 or 4.

So overall for story, because the beginning was so good, I say 3/5.

Romantic Pairings

Do they not screen actors together to make sure they have on screen chemistry? Or at least some bit of match. Wow, the whole Eugene/Ma Jun pairing was so off. While I was not a fan of their story, I am a fan of the angst. It was poorly executed. Maybe it’s because of the age difference, but it was really unbelievable. Again, huge onscreen potential there that was just not tapped cause of cast mismatching.

I had no idea that the other Mi Sun (Why the hell are there two?) would end up with Tak Gu. They were just friends. She was there to support him, but he didn’t seem to like her like that at all. Just so odd. They have good chemistry as friends. But didn’t feel any of that lover electricity.

Sadly, I have to say, the most chemistry came from the older Mi Sun and Tak Gu’s daddy. (I know, it’s like my worst nightmare having to acknowledge that people my parents age … I am not going to finish that though) I’m going to have to point to episode one again….


I can careless about the other older couple: In Sook and Manager Han. Props to them for being so scheming though.

So I’m a little disappointed at the romantic angles of the Baker King. I absolutely hated that stupid triangle game betwen Ma Jun, Yu Kyung, and Tak Gu. I wanted to shoot myself whenever that came on screen. I mean, it could’ve been saved from Ma Jun and Yu Kyung had chemistry. I don’t think Tak Gu and Yu Kyung would’ve done any better as these young guy actors do not exude enough pheromones to equal the likes of veterans like Eugene.

Character Development

Again, the old people developed the most. Kim Mi Sun toughened up. (Yo, what’s with that doctor that works for her?) Gu Il Jung realized how wrong he was. In Sook… she became more paranoid, evil, villainous, love it. Manager Han drank In Sook’s poison and was slowly being eaten away.

I got tired of Tak Gu being so nice all the time. The child version was so much better. I got tired of Ma Jun being a pissy pain in the butt half way through. All his ultimate changes came in episode 30. I don’t want to get started on Eugene’s character. It’s like Ma Jun loved her, but I don’t see how her character changed to love him back.


And lastly, I got so sick of bread making…. lol. And why did all the elderly characters have to die in this series.

Series: 3.5/5


One thought on “King of Baking [Ep 25- End]

  1. Elderly ppl die to create those crying scenes for the young…and foreshadowing…man when that pic of grandma fell when Ma Jun was bowing, it was like come on…can it be any more cliche??

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