Big Bang ‘Tonight’ Album Review

Can I just have a fangirl moment for a second and scream in excitement about how thrilled I am about Big Bang’s comeback after 2 years 3 months? Now that is a comeback…not like the new kpop groups that “comeback” after a week. If those were called comeback, every day I go to school is a comeback.

Anyways, let’s start off with Big Bang’s title song ‘Tonight’. While it is autotuned, as are most of kpop today, this is an excellent example of autotuning done right. This means we get to hear GD’s unique self-composed rap, TOP’s deep and husky voice, TaeYang’s signature R&B style, Daesung’s amazing range, and last but not least, Seungri’s arrogant drawl. Despite the autotuning, each member clearly stands out in the song, and that’s what makes Big Bang, well, Big Bang. Overall, the song is catchy, with a upbeat tempo and easy to memorize chorus, not to mention the kinda-dorky arm waving dance. I give it 4/5.

Big Bang has always been the leaders in fashion. And clearly, this new album was utter eye-candy for fashionistas around the world. From fur caps to fringe leather jackets (in 100F+ Las Vegas nonetheless), Big Bang clearly chooses fashion over comfort. In ‘Cafe’, this is no exception. Who else can pull off a white pant suit monogrammed with a profile picture of yourself other than Big Bang? If I wear a picture of myself on my tshirt, I would just be called an arrogant and unsophisticated poser. Anyways, the song itself is different…really different. I never knew GD had a falsetto and don’t really know if I want to hear it again. I applaud them in trying a new genre, a different range instead of producing songs that sound like autotuned replicas of each other (ahem… C.N.Blue’s new album). Overall, it’s not a song that I would keep on my iPod, as I imagine anyone else who don’t know Big Bang would think that it was a deep-pitched girl singing. 2.5/5

Another interesting song. This song fits in with the trend of cutesy male idols contemplating over some relationship issue theme (aka Dalmatian’s ‘That Man Opposed‘ and Infinite’s ‘Nothing’s Over‘). GD’s style dominates this track and the other members seem to be just chorus-fillers. There is a certain flair to GD, no doubt about it, and it’s clear that he wrote, produced, and sang it. Bring in that frizzy-hair dancer (seriously, whats with all the frizz? For the past 10 yrs, I’ve been desperately trying to get rid of frizz and now you tell me its back in?) and ta-da! you’ve got the coolest song to bop along to. Overall, 3/5

The album’s other songs ‘Hands Up’ and ‘Somebody to Love’ sound to me like filler songs. With similar tunes, Big Bang has already covered these genres multiple times. Still, it was refreshing to hear Big Bang’s legit comeback because these young’uns really need to be taught a lesson in how to produce good music.


2 thoughts on “Big Bang ‘Tonight’ Album Review

  1. omg…….you make big bang sound like gods..and i don’t like g dragons trench coat. taeyang’s hot as usual. he needs to be shirtless. but i really like top’s coat in the 3rd video.. other than that i don’t like any of the songs lol. but i feel like if i hear tonight over and over again, it’s the only one that i would grow used to it. the other 2 are just awful.

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