King of Baking Ep 1-9 Review

Grntealatte raved about this series, finishing all 30+ episodes within days. (This is amazing considering she’s doing graduate work at the moment.) So I thought, wow, this must be good, I must devote a weekend to this… and I did, and I’m addicted.


First off, I just want to say, I don’t know where they casted those young actors to portray the children-self of the leads, but they were too good. The series made me cry (on the inside of course), it made me laugh (loudly), and within a flash, my entire day was over. I didn’t even see the sun today.

Oh Jae Moo, who plays the child version of Kim Tak Gu, deserved every award he got. This child has talent. He emoted at the right times, his smiles are so sweet, and I couldn’t understand why anyone would hate him.

Jo Jung Eun, as the child version of Eugene’s character, was also very good. For a child to take on a role that involves child abuse and neglect, Jo Jung Eun captured every tear perfectly.

The rest of the Gu family sibling castings were also right on. Shin Dong Woo with his shifty 12 year old eyes that screams “I am confused, I am spoiled, but I need fatherly love”, and his ever ambitious oldest noona that had to live through such sexism.

But I was a little surprised at the casting of the grown up cast. Kim Tak Gu’s grown up self actor looks more like the child version of Gu Ma Jun.

(Older version of Tak Gu)

(Child version of Ma Jun)

And I love Eugene, (She’s up there in my top 5 fave Kdrama actresses), but having to play the lead next to such young actors really contrasts her age. (Seriously , I’m the last person to ever judge a beautiful actress by her age, but I can’t help but notice this.) She hasn’t shown up in the first 9 episodes yet, but I can’t wait to see more of her.

As for the Yoon Shi Yoon that plays Kim Tak Gu, I want to thank the kdrama gods for his beautiful half naked scene haha. So smexy. Though, I was a little distracted by Lee Young Ah’s character. Why in the world are her eyes like that. They look so unnatural. I’m sure she’s probably had some work done, but I find them so distracting and unattractive. There’s a time when people need to learn to grow up and become a woman. Looking like a nymph is not the way to go. (This feeling may also be compounded by my distaste for her acting in this series so far, I’m hoping she’ll get better as it seems she’s showing up a lot!)

Again, Joo Won looks nothing like the child version of his character. (Ugh, the angst I feel when these coincidences can’t happen.) I like him though. So much steaming angst.

And of course there are the old people. Throughout an almost 30 year span, they did not age at all. Why couldn’t the kdrama production managers learn from the 1996 Forrest Gump and learn to use the make up. Jeez. Now on to the review.


The first 4 episodes were so good. I didn’t even fast forward one bit. The child actors were captivating, and the storyline was intense enough that it had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

So it starts off with Ma Jun’s mother giving birth to his second older sister. The grandmother comes in, realizes it’s a girl, and just becomes bitter. At this point, I’m hating this old woman. Like what the hell, did you not give birth, what’s wrong with this woman? Childbirth is painful and a blessing. Ugh, bitter old bat, you will eat your words later (and yea, she did). I felt so bad for Ma Jun’s mother. This villain is so intricately planned out, I was seeing the wonderful emoting opportunities already. No over acting needed here.

And that bitch of a father, I can’t believe he had an affair with Kim Mi Sun within days after his wife gave birth. I really was feeling so bad for Madam In Sook throughout most of episode one, which is great because if you can feel the villain’s pain, it makes it that much more believable what they’ll do later. (Obviously, two wrongs do not make a right. You cannot have an affair with some 60 year old looking chauffeur and call it even, Madam. You’re only hurting yourself.) The father is so irresponsible. If you’re going to knock up your Nurse, at least do it right. Buy her a damn house outside of town. Do you not know your evil wife?

But a few episodes later, we did find out that Mi Sun was some sort of lover with the father before Madam In Sook came into the picture. Again, the old bat gramma had something to do with it. It’s so sad that things had to happen this way, but hey, else it won’t be a drama. I also was a little confused by the time span. How long was In Sook gone anyways? Like 3 months? Jeez. Min Sun even had time to ask the father to name her child. Min Sun is such a victim here. She was totally seduced, and yet while still bleeding from labor, she had to run for her life.

(Hey, I get it, old people have passion too! =D)

And how come no one is blaming the father? The man had an affair. He ruined a woman’s life and destroyed his own family. The drama’s almost portraying it as if it’s okay if the man cheats if it’s so he can have a son. I wish they made it more clear that he loved Mi Sun and that’s why he did it with her, rather than make it seem as if it was because his wife has a daughter. Wtf, what day and age is this?? I DON’T KNOW. I can’t tell. They got old 1950’s cars, and all of a sudden, after 24 years, we’re now in 2010? Okay, let me just say, I’m sure people did not send telegrams in the 1980s. Right? I was really really confused by the time span and the costuming.

What the hell is with the time spanning anyways. I was very disappointed that Tak Gu dropped out of elementary school to look for his mother for 12 years. Really, 12 years? How did a 12 year old survive? But of course, I gotta let those details. This is fictional after all.

When the grandmother found out about Madam In Sook’s affair in episode 4, I thought to myself, this old lady’s gonna be written out. It’s way too early for this show to reveal this secret. And as predicted, she was a goner. What I didn’t expected was how Ma Jun saw everything, which I think makes up a little for that lame turn in the story. I kind of wished the old lady would stay a little longer in the show.

So FLASH! and we’re 24 years into Tak Gu’s life. The oldest noona should be around 30, and yet her actress looks like she’s 12. Come on drama, cast better, or use those mineral veils to make her look her age. What was the point of changing actresses to portray a 17 year old and then a 30 year old if the 30 year old looks as young or almost as young as that teenager?? (Why can’t you do a “Cinderella’s Sister” transition and keep the same actors.) I’m rooting for her though. This girl has serious girl power, and I’m hoping she gets to inherit the company. You show your idiot of a scheming mother that you do not need a man. Ha Seung Ri, the teenager portraying the oldest noona, did a better job than her 30 year old unni. The girl had some serious ambition, and Choi Ja Hye hasn’t show me that yet.

After that time flash, I’ve been fast forwarding a lot. I miss the kids. =(. The story is still the same, but it’s getting a little hard for me to believe some things. How can you not find a 12 year old kid given that you had more than a decade. The father is an idiot to continue trusting that Manager Han. And that weird cake mix scene between Ma Jun and Mi Sun, (baker granddaughter played by Lee Young Ah, why are their names the same anyways? This better be a plot line.) was just weird. I guess it was suppose to be sexy, but it was 100% carried out by Ma Jun. Mi Sun was just annoying the crap out of me. I hate female characters that are overly portrayed and wide eyed. Ugh. Can I just say they have no chemistry together? Prove me wrong show, prove me wrong.

(gAAH! What’s with the wide eye)

Anyways, I’m half way into episode 10, but I’m thinking since I’m forwarding so much, I’ll probably finish by tomorrow.


Creampuff007 (Incognito).


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